A Quick Diva Challenge with Fassets

I’ve been crazy busy working on the Renaissance book, and the A-to-Z blog challenge, and life in general. I wasn’t going to participate in the diva challenge this week, but I really love the tangle fassets so I thought I would do a quick one.

As you can tell, I’m still playing with last week’s challenge of stacking Bijou. For this one, I cut slits into a Strathmore Artist tile to insert my Bijou.

Here is the finished piece. Sorry I forgot to take more in process pictures.


I also did another stacked Bijou. I had another frame. What else could I do?

21 thoughts on “A Quick Diva Challenge with Fassets

  1. That additional stacked tile is gorgeous. I kind of punted last week doing a faux stack, but seeing yours in a frame, I’m inspired to gather up the proper materials to try a real one. Your Fassets are also inspiring.


  2. Love your Renaissance Fassett tile, it looks great in those colours. That new stack looks really shiny and a great frame for the bijou tile.

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    1. Thanks. I made it to go with last week’s, but even though I used the exact same materials, I don’t think they look good together. It almost looks like they were done by different people. I guess I should have had the first one for reference!


  3. Fassett tends to look good in other hands than mine, I’m afraid. However, when I see your stacked tiles, I really want to do more. And I just happen to have a couple of frames crying out to be filled.

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  4. Such lovely tiles! I’m glad you finished the stack for your second frame. Those are the kind of projects that languish on the to-do list if not done promptly (at least for me). So well done you!

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  5. Magratscraft: We are all most critical of our own work. It can be beautiful without being “tidy”. Take a look at Carole Ohl’s art. (Her blog is openseedarts) to see what I mean. But if you prefer the tidy look, there are some tips that might help:

    -Slow down
    -Draw straight lines from top to bottom
    -When drawing auras, it helps to imagine that you are drawing a white line, and the pen is just outlining that.
    -Draw so that your hand/pen is not blocking your view. I.e. If you’re right/handed, draw auras on the right side, turning the tile as needed.

    Hope that helps.

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  6. Nice body of work. I was not going to do this one either but really like this tangle also. I did pass on the stacked challenge. Knew that was going to take more time than I have right now. The way that yours looks.

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