Zentangle: Renaissance tiles

Spring has Sprung

The diva challenge this week is to start with a simple spring string. I am still working on Renaissance tiles, but this week I am playing with Strathmore tan tiles. They look similar to Zentangle Renaissance tiles, but ink takes to them so differently.

Not my favorite work, so here are some pictures of spring here springing out in Ohio. It has been gorgeous here.

I’m etting down to the wire on A-Z of Zentangle. Only 5 left to write. I’m still open to suggestions for the letter ‘x’ so please share if you have any good words to describe Zentangle that start with ‘x’ or good tangles that begin with ‘x.’

Hope you are enjoying lovely weather wherever you may be.

17 thoughts on “Spring has Sprung

  1. How about the word Xanadu? It means a place of great beauty, luxury and contentment. This is the place we travel to in our minds when we are absorbed in our Tangling.


  2. What Linda & Karen said!! 🙂 Cris, I am quite taken with CZT Mei Hua Teng’s tangle “Xin”. It makes a lovely border! Linda Farmer published it on March 21, 2016 on tanglepatterns.com. Also … I think your tile in answer to the Diva’s challenge is gorgeous! Thanks for adding the pop-up notes – I’ll have to try that Fabrico sand pen. I love the color!


  3. Beautiful Purks, Cris! I particularly like how the finishing touches set everything off so clearly.

    I love the X suggestions. Such fun …there’s always xanthopsia, a visual condition where things appear yellow. Just t..hink of an array of X-tangles done in yellows!


  4. What about X marks the spot? Probably too late, but I was thinking a few letters ago that that would be a fun letter to tangle. I am enjoying your alphabet thoroughly, thank you. Very thoughtful and some very interesting links. Great job!

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