A to Z of Zentangle

S is for String, Day 19 of the A to Z of Zentangle Challenge#atozchallenge

A border made from my tangle stef-ah-ni (from Made in the Shade.)

The birth of Zentangle was the feeling Maria had while she was illustrating an illuminated letter. Because she was working inside of a letter, she did not have to worry about “how much” to do, she just worked until she filled the space.

Drawing the string, a light pencil line that divides your tile into sections, gives you a space to work where you can get lost in the pattern. You can forget about such formal design elements such as balance, design, and composition. You simply tangle inside the area made by the string.

In training, Rick talked to us about the elegance of limits. Paradoxically, it is these limits which inspire creativity and innovation.When I did a google search for “elegance of limits” I found 2 articles: one by Zentangle and one by yours truly.

Still not convinced that limits can inspire you? Think about this: if you had all of the time and money in the world to complete a project, do you think you would ever finish it? Finally, fellow CZT Ann Grasso has an article on her blog about how structure increases creactivity which I found fascinating.

Missed the beginning  of the series? It all starts with  Appreciation.

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