A to Z of Zentangle

U is for Unexpected, Day 21 of the A to Z of Zentangle Challenge #atozchallenge

A border of Umble and Undiala.

This should not surprise you if you’ve been following the series, but with Zentangle, you create the unexpected. (Day: 16 Non-representational) You can gain unexpected insights (day 12: journal). You can learn to trust your intuition (Day 9)

You might find hidden talent (day 8) or discover that you have become more observant (Day 15)

Since beginning this journey 5 years ago, I discovered that I enjoy teaching, I can write a book, and I can enjoy doing something slowly and for no reason other than to enjoy the process. I’ve also learned to embrace uncertainty. All of this was unexpected when I just signed up to learn how to draw pretty art.

Have you discovered anything unexpected since you’ve discovered Zentangle?

Missed the beginning  of the series? It all starts with  Appreciation.

2 thoughts on “U is for Unexpected, Day 21 of the A to Z of Zentangle Challenge #atozchallenge

  1. My unexpected and delightful discovery since meeting up with Zentangle . . . I discovered that the 7th grade art teacher who told me long ago that I had no artistic talent was very, very wrong. No one should ever tell that to a child. And no one should ever tell a child they will never be any good at math. I spent a lifetime helping people of all ages overcome the math myth. Why today – artists who thought they didn’t like or were ever good at math are applying advanced math lessons to the art of Zentangle with pleasure . . . through a newly discovered form they call “reticula and fragments.” Mathematicians for hundreds of years have known its principles (if not its renamed terminology) as “group theory.” We seem to have come full circle. Looks like the Zentangle Method successfully combined art and math . . . again.


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