A to Z of Zentangle

Z is for Zentangle, Day 26 of the A to Z of Zentangle Challenge #atozchallenge

They say a picture is worth 1000 words. Here are some of the alphabetical tangles surrounded by my tangle Za from Made in the Shade.

Z is for Zentangle, of course! Rather than give a summary, I thought I’d end with a testimonial. This is from my friend and fellow CZT, Brenda Shaver.

Yesterday I was asked by a new CZT, how I became so passionate aboutZentangle and teaching. I often reflect on this and really cannot believe just how much my overall attitude has changed in such a positive way, all because of Zentangle. It’s hard to believe that in just four short years, after desperately googling for something to help me with pain, anxiety, inability to sleep and overall sadness during the time my sister was in a hospice dying, that so many amazing people, CZTs and students, have become part of my life. Also that I am learning about art techniques. I never had the opportunity to take art classes, just assumed I could never draw and never dreamed I would publish a ZIA colouring book or that I would be working on my second one. And all because I am constantly drawing large ZIAs for pain management, even with my swollen arthritic hands. One of my students was looking through a stack of these at a class one day and suggested I publish a colouring book, which sounded kind of bizarre since I was never interested in colouring. But then I thought of including my grandchildren and have been having so much fun! Now how much better can life be than that?

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series of posts. I enjoyed writing it.

Feel like starting over? It all starts with appreciation.

Thanks so much for all of your likes and comments. It has been an interesting journey.

One final question: should I turn the series into an e-book?

6 thoughts on “Z is for Zentangle, Day 26 of the A to Z of Zentangle Challenge #atozchallenge

  1. Yaaay! You did it! Thank you so much for sharing all of this wonderful inspiration. Though I haven’t managed much commenting, I’ve read every single post more than once. You rock!

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  2. Amazing, you managed every single day and all about Zentangle. Well done. Yes it would make a great e-book, I love all the sentiments in it. I can’t believe it is Z already

    Liked by 1 person

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