Zentangle: Zendala

Dragons and Knights

Not really, but I when I saw the name of the Diva challenge tangle this week was KNIGHTstar, I thought it should pair with DRAGONair. While I love the look of this tangle, it bugs me that guides are included in the stepouts. I guess I am a purist that way.

Once I started experimenting with it, I realized it was so similar to Rick’s Paradox that it should be possible to draw it without the guides. It took me a few days and much trial and error, but I am happy to report that it is possible. (If anyone wants a video, let me know.)

For days, I had Knightstar practice on every scrap of paper on my desk.

I like Knightstar better when it has room to breathe, so I started with a Zendala: a black Zendala because it was at the top of the tin.

Here is the “before” version. Just drawn. And kind of flat.
After shading with graphite, white charcoal, and Zenstone.
Not sure what it needed, but I’m pretty sure this was not it!
And the final version. I will have to sleep on it because right now it feels like I should have quite several steps ago.

9 thoughts on “Dragons and Knights

  1. Yes, please, Chris, I think I would like a video for Knightstar. I too messed about with it, but using the guides – and you are right that, in using straight lines and ending up with curves, it IS like Rick`s Paradox, but I really needed those guides till I figured it out! Rosemary

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  2. Lovely pieces, Chris. I found it similar to Paradox too and I’m sure the guides can be skipped once a person understands the construction. The white on the black really adds to the drama of the tangle.

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