Rio 2016

I was so happy when this week’s Diva challenge was an Olympic theme. I had been watching so much Olympics that  I ended doing last week’s auraknot/meer challenge as an American flag in honor of Team USA. While I rarely watch TV, when I do, I am usually half watching and half drawing. The Olympics are an exception. I am glued to the TV for two weeks. No drawing, either. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been enthralled by them.

So, I thought I’d recycle last week’s challenge and post it right away for this week’s challenge. But, then life happened.

Team USA Auraknot & Meer – 2 challenges in 1

Part of the delay is that people had requested a video on how to do KnightStar without grid lines. I wasted lots of time trying to do a good video. When that failed, I spent lots of time trying to edit the ones I managed to record. No luck there either. So, instead, here are two not-very-good ones. Once I get a new computer with more horsepower, I may post some that have been edited.

At first, I drew it by drawing a series of diamonds.
Knightstar method 1

Then, I realized that it was easy to draw by turning your paper.
Knightstar method 2

I like the flexibility of doing Knightstar as a standalone tangle. Here is one I did combining it with knightsbridge.

I wish I had taken a picture before shading. I’ve had these water soluble graphite pens for a while and don’t care for them. But someone on Facebook raved about how much they loved them, so I tried again. As you can see – they are still not my thing!

One thing that happened was that I had my studio overrun with ants. They were not only crawling all over my drawing table, but up the drapes, on the walls, on the ceiling. It was nasty. I took pictures, but will spare you the gory details.

Another thing that happened is that my Goddaughter had a new baby. So, I tangled a pair of shoes; then Alexa and I drove back home to meet him. What was supposed to be an overnight trip took an extra day because we had to take the car to the dealer.


Then when we came back home, we had to get Alexa’s stuff ready for college. And, I told her she had to clean her room before she left. And, she asked for a small going-away party, which meant we had to clean the rest of the house as well. So, we spent the last 3 days she had at home cleaning, packing, and shopping. And a last-minute flute lesson because she was asked to play at college and found out that it is this Tuesday. And watching the Olympics.

In the midst of all of this, I got some exciting things in the mail.

German CZT Beate honored both Alexa and me by letting us contribute to her fabulous book of 101 ZIA projects. I wish I spoke German, but love the book even though I can’t read it! We spent an hour with Google translate when we first got our books.

Also, how much do you love this?  My friend and CZT Mary made one of my tangled shells into a necklace. If and when I ever host a retreat at the beach, I’m going to have to convince her to teach this.


After making a list and checking it probably 50 times, we got all of this stuff:


loaded into the car. It took 3 times to add another pair of shoes to the back seat, but we did manage to squeeze Alexa in as well. So, yesterday was the day.


We were out the door by 7:15, stopping “along the way” for Alexa to get her driver’s license. She was unpacked and mostly settled in by 6 pm. We took her to dinner, and off we went.

I feel like part of me is missing. And I am wondering what to do with myself.

Tomorrow, I can still watch the Olympics. But then, what?

6 thoughts on “Rio 2016

  1. Paradox and Knightspeek – Great duotangle – Where linear turns to curvy – Incorporated Donna’s tangelation nicely, too

    Liked by 1 person

  2. How original to combine those two challenges, well done. I do like the little shoes, you have made for this lovely baby and I’m fond of the shells, especially the ones with the gems: beautifull !!!
    I think I’m going to buy the book of Beate too, seems very pleasant to find more things to tangle on. Thanks for showing us.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. First, I love the ZIA that you’ve created. I agree with Ria – great way to combine the two challenges. Also, thanks for the Knightstar videos … Esp. Like the second one – very helpful. Finally, I enjoyed your entire posting … The shoes, the moving of Alex to college, and Kreativbuch (yet another source for tangling). I’ll be back!

    Liked by 1 person

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