ING – Play

This week’s Diva Challenge is to play with the pattern ING. Like Laura, I learned ING at CZT training (14). Like Laura, I didn’t care for it much. At CZT 5 training we learned Mooka and I didn’t care for it either. But as a result of one of Laura’s challenges, I started playing with it, and mooka became one of my favorite tangles.

Well, I’ve been playing with ING for this challenge, but I don’t think it will ever become a favorite. But, that’s OK. I always tell my students that there are enough other tangles out there that you never have to use one you don’t like.

ING reminds me of betweed, which I love. Not a fan of this. I thought I mught like it better if it had curvy lines. Maybe it just needs shading?
After shading (more like coloring) with a set of Koi Coloring Brush Pen 6 gray tones. I think if I practiced enough, I might become comfortable with marker shading. It is definitely faster, but I don’t find it as Zen as using a regular pencil. This set of pens is also going in my donate bin, just like the water-soluble graphites from the Rio post.
Inspired by all of the rainbows in the Rio Olympics closing ceremonies, I decided to color over the markers with my Prismacolors. Still not a fan.
ing004 copy
Here is a study of ING with some of its cousins. In order: shattuck done with straight lines, betweed, broz, shattuck with curvy lines, ING with curvy lines.
ing008 copy
And another attempt at shading with the markers.

So, that is the end of ING for me.

On a personal note, I have turned into one of those people who always have my phone with me and jump at every ding. Alexa has been gone for 48 hours and I am wandering around kind of at a loss, waiting for the next text from her.

She is doing great, despite a bit of a rocky start. She’s accidentally let a squirrel into her dorm lobby, but managed to get it back outside. Her pet fish died. And she locked herself out of her room.

But, she found a “bus buddy” to come back home with, has a senior who thinks of her as “her freshie,” and was “adopted” by her new friend’s family.

So, I’m off to find new things to do with all of this extra time. Talk to you all next week.

11 thoughts on “ING – Play

  1. Well, you certainly gave Ing a good testing out. I agree. If you don’t like it, don’t use it. But, at least you gave it a fair shot. I love the one with the rainbow. Color is calling me more and more 🙂

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