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Medicine & the Arts Fair

Today, I participated in an arts fair at the Ohio State hospital presented by the Medicine & the Arts program. It was so interesting to be able to present the healing side of Zentangle. Sometimes I focus so much on the creative side that I might forget for a while how beneficial it is. There were so many medical students, nurses, therapists, and patients that had never heard of Zentangle before, and I loved getting the chance to explain it to them.

My display board. Thanks to Beckah for the title “Art Heals” and for talking to me about how Zentangle has helped her.
I even had a visit from “Flat Brutus.”
Yours truly at my table. I couldn’t have asked for a nicer day or more accommodating hosts.

It was also the perfect opportunity to work on this week’s Diva challenge: use the tangle Dreamcatcher.

This is a new tangle for me, and I like it. It reminds me a bit of Tripoli, but I find it easier to draw. I’m still working on my backgrounds from Sharla’s botanical retreat. One day I may do some botanicals on them, but don’t hold your breath!

I wanted a scarlet and gray version for OSU, so I used my printed black tile. Shaded with Zenstone.
Many dreamcatchers on another alcohol ink background. I made this at the same time as last week’s challenge piece.

Finally, it was such a glorious day, that I had to walk around my alma mater. Paradoxically, there are both more buildings and more green space than there used to be. Enjoy a glimpse of Ohio State.

Mirror Lake is always lovely.
Fall is perfect in Columbus.
Fall is perfect in Columbus.

8 thoughts on “Medicine & the Arts Fair

  1. I love the loops on the ends of the petals/points, they add just a little something more. (A vacuous thing to say, I know.) The bigger piece is lovely, with the muted colours and plenty of space. A pleasure, as always.

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  2. Mirror Lake looks great and so look both of your dreamcatchers, especially the one on the coloring background is my favorite. I think it is a fine experience to have been participated on the arts fair at the hospital!

    Liked by 1 person

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