Zentangle: Renaissance tiles

Fall Leaves

Are you a leaf peeper? I heard this term a few years ago and almost fell off my chair laughing. My mom says I’ve loved fall leaves since I was old enough to notice them, but we didn’t have a fancy name for it back then.

This is my favorite leaf picture so far this year. (I know you’ve seen this before, but I still love it šŸ™‚ It is now a poster sized print hanging on my fridge. MakingĀ posters with iPhone pictures makes me happy.

Fall is perfect in Columbus.

This week’s Diva challenge is to tangle fall leaves. As often is the case, I jumped the gun and did my pretty fall leaf last week.Ā Since that one was a ZIA, I decided to keep this one a more true Zentangle. I challenged myself to useĀ only a brown Micron on my Renaissance tile.


Boy, was it hard not to grab my white charcoal pencil to add highlights! Sometimes the elegance of limits can be fun. Sometimes not. But, I stuck to my guns and had to be creative with my finishing touches. Here it is done.


Or at least, done for now. Don’t you love how many shades of brown you can get with one pen on the Renaissance paper? I find it simply fascinating.

14 thoughts on “Fall Leaves

  1. You managed to achieve successful highlights on your Renaissance tile without using a white pen very convincingly. I like the brown pen and the different iterations you coaxed out of it. I have a pack of Renaissance tiles which I’ve been avoiding. I think you have inspired me to give them a try,

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  2. I love your brown autumn leaf! It’s always amazing to me what can be done with just a pen in the hands of an artist. Your variety in the shades is absolutely gorgeous! Love your leaf photo as well, it’s funny, but my autumn leaf tile turned out to be a floating composition ZIA.


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