Getting Ready

I did my workout today, and the coach was kind enough to remind us that there are only ten weeks left in the year. TEN WEEKS! Seriously? How did this happen?

Do you have things you meant to get done this year? Better start now. If one of those things was “Learn Zentangle,” then I can help. I’m having my last Simply Zentangle class of the year on November 4. And it is a special one for ‘stress awareness day.’ Save money and learn a great stress management tool to help you get ready for the hectic holiday season.

My goal was to get the Renaissance book done, but I think that is no longer realistic. But, it would make a lovely Valentine’s day gift. So, if you don’t see the book by mid-February, feel free to get on my case!

Now, back to your regularly scheduled Diva Challenge.

This week, Laura challenged us to create a Zentangle using two of my absolute favorite tangles: ‘nzeppel and flux. Not so challenging, but that’s OK. The book will be enough of a challenge.

First one – It has so much potential, but I know that no matter how much I do to it, that wonky spiral is always going to bug me. I rarely abandon a tile, but I was so excited to try again, that that is exactly what I did. I’m considering this one a “rough draft.”


The second attempt is so much better. I will admit that I used an eraser. Many times. I find it exceedingly difficult to get a nice spiral. It’s not like I have something lying around that I could use as a template, so there was much sketching and erasing. But, it is just the string. Once I started tangling, I was back in the “no mistakes” mindset. And I’m tickled pink at how it turned out. Plus, I took pictures of all of the steps, so it is going in the book too.

18 thoughts on “Getting Ready

  1. Lovely tile. It was nice to read that you do use an eraser at times. I always tell my students that it’s your work, there are no Zentangle police, and if you feel the need to erase a string, by all means do LOL! I almost always erase my errant string pieces at the end. I find them distracting, and therefore, not Zen.


    1. I don’t usually erase them at the end because I find that once I’m done with shading, they disappear. But I see nothing wrong with starting with a nice string. That is probably why I like the prestrung Zendalas. Or Ben Kwok’s templates. A pretty string usually means a pretty finish tile.


  2. Love them both Cris, but honestly, I like the first one best – it’s so beautifully natural and I love that the Nzeppel doesn’t continue into the spiral – it give it a natural depth and almost glossy feel!

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    1. Thank you. I really like the flux also. It is the shape of the string that bugged me. I was actually planning on replicating it with a better spiral, but as you can see, that didn’t happen. I am just not good at copying I guess. LOL


  3. I love the depth you created in your first tile & didn’t even notice a wonky spiral. I think this is my favourite. The second tile is also beautiful.


  4. Both tiles are beautifully done, but I too am partial to the second one. I tend more towards getting the string or structure right, so the rest flows for me. But that being said, I would be thrilled to have my completed pieces look like your “rough draft”. What a great way to think of it as inspiration to other things. Beautiful!


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