Happy Halloween!

My sister-n-law’s birthday is today, so she always says she is a witch! Here is her hat for the Diva Challenge.

Thanks to all who complimented my square tile last week. I really didn’t like it. Funny thing though, when I opened my box of tiles and saw it, I was surprised at how much better it looks this week. What a difference a change in perspective can make!

Happy Halloween!

8 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. It’s funny about liking them better later. I have a drawer full of tiles I feel need more work but wasn’t in the mood at the time. Every now and then, I root through it and find, always to my surprise, that i like one or more of them better now and, what’s more, I seem to know what to do to finish them. As you say, perspective is important.


  2. Such a cute idea to make a witches hat! Funny thing. I never think my tiles are anything special. However, on more than one occasion while looking at Google images for a specific tangle I wound up selecting my own as the one I liked best before I realized that it was one of mine! It really is hard not to be critical of one’s own work.


    1. That is so funny. I once read that the reason we are so hard on ourselves is because we know what we think it should look but with other people’s art we only see and appreciate what it actually is. I guess if we wait long enough our expectations fade and we can appreciate more what we’ve accomplished.


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