Just Winging It

Last week was my birthday and it was the best birthday ever! Because I got to spend it with 200 or so of my CZT family at ZenAgain!

My first birthday gift: A lovely journal from Rita Nikolajeva, a CZT from Belgium

And I got 130 CZTs plus Rick & Maria to autograph it.

My wonderful birthday gifts. I was such a happy birthday girl!

It is amazing how many lovely, generous, caring, and talented people are interested in Zentangle. How blessed I am to have been surrounded by them or four days!

The birthday girl, CZT Amy Broady from TN, CZT Tess Imobersteen from WI
Dinner with Bonnie Browning, Margaret Bremner, and Sue Jacobs.
Dinner with Bonnie Browning, Margaret Bremner, and Sue Jacobs.

The theme of the conference was “just wing it.” I very much resonate with this. When I left home 10 days ago, I only knew  where I’d be sleeping for 3 of those nights. Alexa and I always said that travel has taught us to think on our feet! Sometimes we plan for it as in this trip, sometimes it seems to happen no matter how hard we plan. But we always have good stories to tell.

I will admit that I am one of those people who does not like to be stuck on a schedule. I prefer to be in the moment and going with the flow. That is one of the reasons I so enjoy Zentangle.

When I saw that the diva challenge was reticula and fragments, I almost cringed. Among all of the fun and exciting things we did at ZenAgain, we also did several of these. I love the concept of reticula and fragments. It is a great way of creating new patterns. I love the result. But, I found the execution somewhat, dare I say, tedious. I did not feel creative. I felt like I do when walking on a treadmill: just waiting for the time to be done.

Barb Round, CZT from Vancouver Island demonstrating her reticula & fragments class.

I liked that kind of repetition better in quilting.  I like the more free-form tangles, like mooka, flux, and the new drawings.

I did square reticula and fragments at zenAgain, so I picked a triangular one: from the Zentangle Primer reticula F-3 and fragment H-16
Diva Challenge
Diva Challenge in Moonlight on the new Black apprentice tiles.
Diva challenge #2

A sampling of work from classes at zenAgain:

My first two 3Z tiles. I LOVE these things. Can’t wait to teach a class on them.
Our first 3Z table mosaic.
Our second 3-Z table mosaic.
3Z frenzy
New tangle? Yes, please. We got 4. Can’t wait to share them with my students.
Zendala from Margaret Bremner’s class. Moonlight pens from Sakura’s gift bag.
Gneiss – also from Margaret’s class. When in doubt – add sparkle!

Gratuitous photography because we had some lovely fall weather and who doesn’t love New England in the fall?

11 thoughts on “Just Winging It

  1. Glad you had such a special birthday with wonderful forever memories. Thanks for sharing what we missed. I have ordered some of those new tiles and am glad you shared the mosaic. Nice tangling all around.


  2. Great pictures Cris! And it was wonderful to see you at ZenAgain, though we didn’t get a chance to chat. Love seeing your 3Z table mosaics – there were so many on the large table it became a blur… This is a great way to display them.


  3. Great post! Happy Belated Birthday. What a wonderful way to spend your special day. I can’t even imagine what it must be like to be surrounded by so much Zentangle talent, friendship and excitement. Thanks for sharing all of this wonderful eye candy. Your Diva tile is really lovely and those photographs are stunning;-)


  4. Happy belated birthday from me too! Thanks for sharing all this beautiful work and photo’s. I love your challenge tile and do agree with you about feeling a bit in a tredmille!


  5. Cris…….Your photography is as beautiful as your tangles. Wishes for a belated Happy Birthday. It must have been one of your best b-days with Zentangle friends.


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