Addicted to 3Z

This week’s Diva challenge is to use a tangle called moowa. Or as I like to call it: holliflux.

Video of me drawing holliflux/moowa

I don’t know which came first nor do I care. I think with the whole reticula and fragments concept that will be so many new tangles that it will be even harder to keep track of what they are called. In any case, if you have read my blog in the past, you probably know I don’t think the name is important.

In any case, I adore this tangle whatever its name is. I also adore the new triangle tiles called 3Z.

They don’t take long to complete, and to me, they’re like Lays potato chips: you can’t do just one! When I was at zenAgain, I accidentally bought two boxes of black 3Z, so I thought I would use them for this week’s challenge. I thought I had grabbed two tiles as I was walking out the door, but, lucky me, I grabbed four. So I did all four of them!

And then I noticed that I had two white ones. So I did those too.

And then I read my email and saw that it was the third day of 3Z challenge on the Zentangle blog, so I did three Shattuck and made a hexagon mosaic.

But then my favorite little moowa/holli-flux felt left out so I thought maybe I would layer it on the center.

I’m not sure of this. What do y’all think? Just six or is it better with seven?

But those little white ones looked so incomplete and lonely. As I drew them to resemble waves, I thought maybe they needed to be colored with ocean colors. So, I got out 6 different blue Prismacolors and dreamed of our upcoming cruise.

These tiles are supposed to be the same paper as the original tiles, but the texture is very, very different. I still haven’t decided if I think it’s better or worse.

I believe that I could play with these all day, but sadly I must go do some actual work!

17 thoughts on “Addicted to 3Z

  1. I think I like the 7 but I’m a sucker for dimension. Your work is all lovely and thanks for sharing the 3Zs with us. I hadn’t seen them yet and can see endless possibilities.

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  2. Wow! Everything here is just gorgeous.I love what you’ve done with Moowa on those black 3Z’s. I find I’m becoming addicted to those too. I’m just cutting the triangles out of art paper and I’m really enjoying them. I love the mosaic effect when you start putting them together. Your blue ones are really stunning too.


  3. These are so nice. I love using the Opus as a backdrop. The 3Z’s are a lot of fun and fast. I’m a day or two behind on the challenge but that’s ok. It was great finally meeting you at ZenAgain.


  4. Dear Chris, your black tiles are so so so beautiful. It´s so elegant 🙂 and the 3Z are really a wonderful format!
    Your holliflux and my Moowa are really very very similar to each other, as Ela Rieger (elatorium.de) would say they are “Musterschwestern” (meaning tangle-sisters). I hope that the sisters will find many new ways to show up and give joy of tangling to people 🙂
    I wish you a wonderful christmas time!

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