Comfort Challenge

This week’s Diva Challenge is something of an oxymoron: she asks us to use our “mac & cheese,” otherwise known as comfort tangles. That is not too challenging. What was challenging was to figure out what my comfort tangles are. I would say “mooka,” but after two weeks of “all-mooka-all-the-time,” I think I may be mooka-ed out. I thought for a while and was at a loss. Just like when someone asks what my favorite color is, I always say, “I like all of the colors.” I feel the same way about tangles.

But, then I realized that all I needed to do was take a look at the tangling I did Sunday night after taking my daughter back to school. It as spring break last week and I drove to Illinois to pick up her and her roommate, and then we went to Springfield (OH) for a robotics tournament, to New Albany to meet friends, to Toronto (OH) for a quick visit with Grandma (which included a dinner in Pittsburgh), then home for a pizza and game night, then to Powell for a zoo day and home for Beauty and the Beast premiere, then I got a day off while she road-tripped to Port Clinton, but came back in time to join us at the Bon Jovi concert downtown. Then on Sunday, DH and I drove them back to Illinois. I put over 2000 miles on my car. So, when we got home Sunday night, I needed to relax and tangle. This is what I did:


So, I thought about it and realized that I just adore tangles with orbs, like Onamato and Purk. I also relax doing asymmetrical auras (christened echo lines by Eni Oken), like my squirmy (from Made in the Shade), and squid.

So, I made another. And realized that I really love using my tangle esses.


So, I did another.


And another.


I am feeling comforted, but writing about the week as left me wishing for a nap! Hope you enjoy this week’s comfort tangles.

10 thoughts on “Comfort Challenge

  1. Holy cow! Those are all fantastic.I love the 3Z approach to a challenge like this. The small space and the tiny bits of each pattern somehow seem less intimidating. I’m going to have to try that. I still have a few more Mac ‘n Cheese patterns bouncing around in my head. You’re right about the challenge of picking one’s favorite patterns;-)

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