Zentangle: Zendala

Noom With a Limited Pallette

This week’s Diva Challenge is to use the tangle noom. I’ve used it once before, in the post where I talked about ZenAgain, but there was so much else going on that I didn’t even mention it. Can you find it?

Noom is a lovely tangle, but it hurts my brain. I feel like it is one that I will forever be referring to the step-outs. Even as I was working on this piece, I started one without reference to the steps-outs, and it is slightly different than the others.

Since I was supposed to be working on writing up the instructions for the “Pointing the Way” class, I wanted to use some of the same tangles and techniques that I will be teaching in that class.

So, I knew finery and colored pencil would be a part of it, along with noom. I was trying to replicate the colors in the original Zendala, but I had just seen a video that using complimentary colors can make your art seem more vibrant. And I didn’t want to have to order six different pencils that I did in the original, so it was time to experiment. This is what happened:

Tangling only – is it enough tangling?
Coloring with two shades of yellow and Dark Purple Prismacolor.
Oops. I did not like how I colored the noom, so I went over it with white. (Didn’t help much) Then I had to go back over the tangling with a fountain pen because the lines looked too blurry. Ugh.
I thought more dark purple on the crescent moon would make the gem pop.
Gave it another solid coating of Sunburst yellow to brighten up (and accidentally tore the center of the gem. Double ugh.)
Deepened the purple and added white glaze to make the white pop.

Can you tell from the photos how much more vibrant the glow is on the finery between the two Zendalas? I was delighted with the result. I am now a big fan of this technique and can’t wait to teach it.

Now, off to write up the class notes.

PS- if you are a follower of my facebook page, you might have noticed (or probably not if you don’t receive notifications), that I’m having a bit of a contest about this Zendala. And I just gave you two really big clues. Good luck!

10 thoughts on “Noom With a Limited Pallette

  1. Using complimentary colors does really make a huge difference when you want to make sure everyone is awake! This is really pretty and I like the way you used Noom almost like a vine in your composition!

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  2. Thank you for sharing your process. Oddly maybe, I think my favorite is the one with just the yellow leaves and gem and the dark purple veins.

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  3. Wow! That zendala is awesome! Purple and yellow is one of my favorite combinations and I never use it! Back when I was in art school it was all over my work. Thanks so much for sharing your process. I’m most happy to see how you finish each section of Noom. I could only ever see it as a border or a strand running off the tile. Beautiful work!

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