Aquafleur in Purple

I was very excited to see this week’s Diva Challenge: use Aquafleur. Not only do I love this tangle, but also CZT  Romi Borax Marks just posted images from an Aquafleur class that was simply inspiring. Romi did a large Aquafleur as a string and tangled over a watercolor background.

Here is my version inspired by Romi. I traced a tile on some watercolor paper. I should have used a tile instead. Even though the paper was labeled watercolor, it buckled and pilled. Yuck.

Here it is after tangling:


Aquafleur, Printemps, Ibex, and something resembling Tripoli


I was inspired by this design carved into the back of the pews on Sunday.


After spending time deconstructing the pattern, I tried to use it as a border. Only then did I realized that it is really just a tangleation of tripoli. Oh, well.

And here is the finished piece, after shading with a light grey marker and highlighting with a white Signo pen.


Hope you enjoy Aquafleur this week.

9 thoughts on “Aquafleur in Purple

  1. It is annoying how some papers just won’t behave. Your Aquafleur is a stunning addition to a pretty colored tile. That shading is perfect as well. It seems that most tangles anymore are really a variation of something already out there. But, it’s nice that you were inspired and played.

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  2. I hate to be derivative, but I have a feeling I’ll soon be channeling your use of Aquafleur in this tile. I haven’t had good luck using pens over watercolors. Inevitably, my pen nib (micron) stops working.

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