Beach Time

Since I’ve been at the beach, I’m catching up on 3 Diva Challenges.

The one from 3 weeks ago stumped me: tangle something that reminds you of home. Sounds easy, but I didn’t want to be cliche and just do a map of Ohio or the USA or even a Buckeye. As I thought more about it, I remembered a conversation I had with a fellow passenger on a long cruise who travels even more than we do. I had asked, “Don’t you get homesick?” The reply: “No, wherever John is, I’m home.”

Possibly so.

That really stuck with me. If I’m with my loved ones, I’m home.  I would have printed a picture of them and tangled a frame around it. But, as I was at Myrtle Beach, I didn’t have access. Besides, Myrtle Beach sure feels like home, even though I don’t pay real estate taxes there. So, perhaps, this sign is the right sign.

diva325-2 Finally, I decided that was too much thinking for the beach and just tangled a house using a 3Z and regular tile, as influenced by Margaret Bremner’s lovely work.


The next challenge was to tangle a heart. I could have just used the one above, but I felt like getting creative. So, I drew 3 overlapping hearts and tangled them to look like they are inter-twining hearts.


This week’s challenge is to draw peaknuckle, which is pretty amazing because one of things we have always done on family vacations is play pinochle. This year, we learned how to play 7-handed and my nephew, daughter, and I figured out a double-deck version for 3 players. What a riot.


If only I liked the pea-knuckle as well as the pinochle…


Finally, I am delighted to announce that I will be bringing my Renaissance Express class to Southern California in September. See more at Charlotte’s website. So, maybe I can meet some of you who say, “I wish I lived closer.” Still too far? Talk to me about bringing the class to you. As you know, I do enjoy traveling.

8 thoughts on “Beach Time

  1. I never learned how to play pinochle, although it was a favorite lunchtime activity when I was in high school. And, I’m not sure I’ve yet mastered Peanuckle. I did my Peanuckle at the beach too (Brigantine in southern New Jersey—first barrier island north of Atlantic City.) I’m jealous that you’re doing a class with Charlotte. She and her s.o. were nice enough to drive down to San Diego when we were there at the start of a Baja California cruise in February, so at least I had the chance to meet her in real life.


  2. Haven’t played 7-handed pinochle since I was in college. Also three-handed, four handed, five handed and six handed. Ah– memories. Linda

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  3. The overlapping hearts is not only very beautiful in colors and tangle drawing, but it is also a great design idea. 3 thumbs up for that (I borrowed my cocker’s front paw for one of the thumbs up)

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