An Old Favorite


‘Nzeppel is this week’s challenge tangle. I’m so happy that my friend Lisa, this week’s guest blogger, challenged us to use it. I learned this tangle from Rick in my CZT-V seminar in February 2010. It was my favorite tangle for a long time, but then I sort of forgot about it. When I learned it “back in the day,” we didn’t have 3Z tiles or even Renaissance tiles, and no one had heard of ZenGems!

Hope you enjoy this week’s challenge as much as I did.

10 thoughts on “An Old Favorite

  1. My first thought when I saw your tile was that it reminded me of the Masonic triangle symbol. It’s missing the ruler, but is definitely close enough. Maybe the fact that “Nzeppel often looks like stones used in masonry contributed to my free association. Nice.


  2. Very pretty. I too really like Nzeppel but rarely use it as a background, where it would excel, but more often as the focus, because I love it so much. Your shding and highlights on this tile are very subtle and I love the finished effect.

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