Zentangle: Renaissance tiles

Diva Dancing in Lisbon

This week’s Diva Challenge uses a tangle by guest blogger Henrike Bratz based on patterns she found during a recent trip to Lisbon. The appropriately named Lisbon Fragment is a bold grid pattern that is very relaxing and forgiving but took me a surprisingly long time to do. While it looks good even if the lines aren’t exact, I became frustrated that mine wouldn’t line up no matter how hard I tried. At one point, I even grabbed a ruler (gasp) just to prove that it was possible to create all of the diagonals evenly. That bit of practice made it directly in the circular file.

So, while my daughter is off in Bloomington where she will be in the pit orchestra for a musical this weekend, I spent the afternoon catching up on Jane the Virgin and playing with Lisbon fragment and Diva Dance.

First, my challenge piece which includes both required tangles. 3z

Then, I thought I should perhaps try more than one row of Lisbon Fragment and used a scrap of tan scrapbook paper to tangle on. I used Gellyroll for highlights on the top lattice and white charcoal on the lower one to try and some interesting depth.This was the result.


I think it looks like a cool notebook or wrapping paper.

So, then I thought that since there were still a few more episodes to go, I’d try one on an actual tile. I wanted to try something different, so I used Prismacolor brush markers to fill in and do the cast shadows. I used white charcoal on top and pencil only around the black dots in a failed attempt to give the illusion of tufts.


I had done this with the intention of trying some transzending, but was afraid this background would be too busy for the technique. So, I went with a very simple tangle over top: tipple.


Which, as I look at it now, I realize that it is simply dewdrops, but they are dewdrops that I didn’t spend a whole lot of time trying to make look realistic.

Finally, I tried to do Lisbon fragment on some striped scrapbook paper (which was trashed) and since i still had half a show to go, I went back to my comfort tangle: mooka.


So, this week, Alexa has my car in Illinois and I’m home alone all day. I think it will be a good chance to work on the Renaissance book. Wish me luck!



13 thoughts on “Diva Dancing in Lisbon

  1. Each one is so different from the others. Great way to study the tangle. My eye keeps being drawn back to the second one though. It really has a lot of depth and looks like a book that I would have to buy!

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