And then this happened…

This is a big week at chez Letourneau. Alexa is captaining a team for GISHWHES and doing all kinds of wild and crazy things. (If any of my friends are near Beijing, Belgium, or is an astronaut willing to do a favor for charity, please contact me ASAP) and I am getting ready for the annual HOOT convention next week. I’m teaching two classes: one on Renaissance Zentangle and another on alcohol inks. I am also doing a free demo on intuitive art combining the two. (Tuesday at 5 pm at the Greater Columbus Convention Center if you are nearby.)

With that in mind, I thought to try this week’s Diva Challenge tangle ‘aloha’ on a ceramic tile.

I’ve read that you can use Sharpies with alcohol inks because they are also alcohol based, but I had not tried until this morning. So, I tried drawing the tangle with my new ultra fine Sharpie.
Blah. So I tangled more with more colors.

Still blah. So, I sprayed alcohol and blew the ink and then added more colors and blew some more and then this happened:

Both members of Team Gishmongers loved it, so here you go. Wish us both luck getting everything done!

13 thoughts on “And then this happened…

    1. Thanks. Not my usual style, but I simply adore the freedom of alcohol inks. You can spend 2 minutes on a tile that looks great or play with the same one for half an hour. I could have gone longer on this one, but when the daughter says it is cool, I have learned to stop.


  1. I guess that you would say that they are affected. But there are no mistakes only unplanned opportunities. This opportunity turned out well. Like the color in the tile.


  2. It was fun seeing how this progressed and I think you were a bit mean to yourself with the blah comment. Working on ceramic tiles isn’t that easy and keeping a steady hand is a skill in itself. I admit, though, that the finiahed tile is a major improvement and I love those vibrant colours.

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    1. Thanks. I didn’t think it was TOO bad, just a bit underwhelming. Kind of blah 🙂 I was hoping the Sharpies would be vibrant in and of themselves. But the best (and worst) thing about alcohol inks on tiles is how much it is to just keep adding more inks and seeing what happens.


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