This week’s Diva challenge is an interesting one that I have done in the past: make a Zendala out of four tiles by tracing circles. Unfortunately, we are in East Podunk, er, Sparta, Tennessee sitting in a cemetery waiting for the eclipse. And I only have one square tile. So, here is my plate/eclipse tile. I started it in the car on the way down until I got a bit sick, so the lines could be straighter, but, all things considered, I like it.

I used soluna, crescent moon, andromeda, and noom in honor of the Great American Eclipse. Anyone know any other sun, moon, star, or space-themed tangles?

13 thoughts on “Eclipse

  1. And you did this in the car? My word. I haven’t see the middle pattern before, so that’s one to try at a later date and I love that Noom border. Do you know how weird it is for someone to say they’re sitting in a cemetery in Sparta? I mean, come on, Chris, really? I think maybe it’s a good job eclipses don’t happen all that often, you’re going to get a very odd reputation. (if we start to call you Buffy…..)

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    1. Thanks! I started it in the car, hence the oddly shaped circles, etc. but did the noom and andromeda after we stopped:) I guess I could have said we were sitting in the grass outside a church parking lot, but we were pretty close to the headstones. I wouldn’t want to make it sound and less weird than it actually felt!

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  2. Appropriate to use eclipse related tangles. Glad you were able to see it. I was stuck at work and it was over cast. Won’t have to go as far in 2024. Like the contrast in your tile between the dark and light.

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  3. That is so cool that you drove to Tennessee to see the eclipse. I’ve already told my husband that if we’re still around in 2024, I want to make an effort to go somewhere to see totality. I haven’t heard one person yet who said they were sorry they made the effort—even the guy whose view was clouded over. I guess one lesson is to always have more than one tile in one’s possession at all times. Car or no car, you did a lovely job (as usual) on your tile. I also like the dark band you incorporated. You may only have had one tile, but you had a white pen, so that certainly shows some dedication.


    1. Ah, actually, I only had one original square tile. Got a whole tin of Ren Zen, a pile of 3Z, and a stack of Bijou with all the pens. Just that I had already tangled the squares in my take-away kit. Someday soon, I’ll do a post showing this new kit. I love it. Thanks for commenting. Glad you liked the tile.


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