Petoskey Stones

I have a love/hate relationship with this week’s Diva Challenge. I loved learning about Petoskey stones. I had never heard of them before, and they are fascinating and beautiful. However, I had it in mind to recreate them with tangling, which, of course, brought the dreaded expectations into mind. It is never fun when you get it in your head that your art HAS to look like something. So, no relaxing for me this week. At least on the Diva Challenge.

The funny thing is that I liked this tile when I started, but disliked it more the longer I worked on it.

Looks more like a flower than a rock! Needs more shading methinks.

Since I liked it at the beginning, I thought I’d try again. So, now I have a Petoskey shell.


I also finished my piece inspired by and started on our trip to see totality. It is titled Eclipse because, crescent moon is “transzending” a sunflower.

Eclipse – I said it was done, but I’m not sure. Opinions?

The reason this post is so late is that I was teaching a class Monday night when I usually blog. It was at a local library. I love community classes because I can share Zentangle with people who really need it and might otherwise not get to a class. It was so rewarding, and not only because they did a fabulous job. Check out this mosaic. These are on Bijou tiles, except for the 2 who decided they couldn’t work that small and used index cards. I can’t believe that none of them had ever tangled before!


Look what I got in the mail!

Special thanks to Marie Browning and the folk at Tombow. I haven’t had time to play with these – yet – but look for a full report in the next couple of weeks. I’m definitely taking them to Sharla’s Big Bear retreat in a few weeks. It’s like my birthday came early this year.

11 thoughts on “Petoskey Stones

  1. The reason your Petoskey Stone tile looks (a little) like flowers is because Petoskey Stones look a little like they have flowers on them—because, as every one knows, some corals look like flowers. And the mooka tendrils around it look like sea worms. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Feel free to borrow my story if it makes you feel better about your otherwise just fine tile. It took me a minute to “get” the eclipse tile, but now that I get it—-it’s cool.

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  2. I agree with Suzanne that the “real” Petoskey Stones look like flowers. So, your tangling is perfect! Love your student tiles. It is always so rewarding to see the look on their face when they first realize what beauty they created! And, new pens? The best!

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