Two More Pages of Pinktober

Did you survive Friday the 13th? I got to enjoy 2 concerts and my daughter’s company. Her amazing wind ensemble played a Homecoming concert at Illinois Wesleyan. After that, we went to hear Six Appeal, an all-male acapella group from Minnesota. If you ever get a chance to see these guys, do so! Talented, entertaining, and funny. What a great time.

October is half done and my booklet is a bit more than that (because I forgot what day it was!)

Day 14: Flukes, Day 15: Crescent Moon, Day 16: Tripoli, Day 17: Shattuck with the Diva’s artoo.
Day 12: the aptly named “Patience”, Day 13: Printemps as flowers, and Diva Challenge Artoo for leaves.

I didn’t start out with this booklet becoming an illustrated quotes booklet, but it is turning out that way. Isn’t it funny how art has a way of going in the direction it wants to whether or not we want it to?

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