Yes, I Know It’s Not Even Halloween!

Every year at this time I complain how the stores think it is Christmas and it’s not even Halloween yet. And, so what did I make for this week’s Diva Challenge? Yep, Christmas trees. I blame Yvonne Westover, a Canadian CZT who just showed us how to make 3D Christmas trees with 3Z tiles. Mine are not 3D yet, but I can’t wait to get the supplies to turn these into a mini tree.

Beadlines with a silver metallic star and bubbles/pearls/dewdrops ornaments. I had so much fun that I needed to make another.
Same shiny star, but with fracas this time. In this one, I also used a black gel pen, white charcoal, white gellyroll, and Zenstone.
Perhaps I should have quit while I was ahead? This one has yincut with glaze pearl ornaments and a star that started out as aah, but the auras turned it into a different tangle whose name escapes me.

And, finally an update on my “Pinktober” booklet.

Tangles used: Ix, Shattuck, Meer, Yincut, and Hollibaugh

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you have a wonderful week!

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