De-Stress December · Zentangle

De-stress De-cember Day 5

Today, we are still talking about being overwhelmed by too much to do. One way that we get in trouble is by always saying, “yes.”

Are you one of those people who volunteer for everything? Do people always ask you for favors and you always say, “sure?” My friend Cathy is like that. I love her to pieces because she is so generous. But I feel bad for her always running hither and yon. I get just stressed watching her.

Daily De-Stress Exercise

If you have ever been on a plane, you will know that you have to “put on your oxygen mask before assisting others.” This means that you need time to take care of yourself. You need to do what is right for you and make time for what you value.

What do you value? If you don’t have a mission statement or list of life priorities, take a few minutes to think about and jot down what is most important to you. Is it spending time with family? Volunteering? Personal growth? (Warning: This could take a lot longer than a few minutes if you are a contemplative person!) Write them down.

Now, take a look at your calendar. Do you have any time scheduled to take care of yourself? Do your activities reflect your priorities and values? Being busy can be wonderful if you are self-nurturing and accomplishing things that are important. Being busy can be stressful if you are doing unimportant and meaningless tasks.

The next time someone asks you to do something that you don’t have time for or that you really don’t want to do, say, “No. Thank you for the invitation, but that’s not something I can do right now.” You don’t owe them an explanation, but if it would make you feel better, tell them that your calendar is full.

Tangle du Jour

Remember that you are important. There is nobody else in the world who can do what you were put on earth to do. Actors have stars on their dressing rooms to remind them that they are stars. You are a star, too, so make yourself a star to remind yourself.

Today’s tangle is opus. An opus is any artistic work on a large scale, just like you are!

Maria’s instructions for Opus are here

I suggest tangling on a star and putting it near your calendar to remind yourself to take time for YOU. (Or if you prefer to make star ornaments, please check out my ebook on the topic.)


For More Information

My favorite life coach, Marie Forleo, has a brilliant video on just this topic.

Prefer to read? Here is an article about how to “reduce stress by saying no like you mean it.” 

Questions of the Day

Look back at your list of everything you would do if you had more time. How many of them are tasks that you didn’t want to do, but just couldn’t say, “no?

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