Destress December Day 8

The scheduled thought for the day was perfectionism. I often tend to put things off because I worry about not having enough time or skills to do it right, as in, perfectly.

I had planned to do a tile while flying home today because there is no way to be perfect in a moving vehicle. Wouldn’t you know it, the flight was so bumpy that they never turned off the seat belt sign so I couldn’t get up to get my tangling supplies!

Now, I’m completely beat and need to go to bed even though I’m not even unpacked, let alone repacked for my road trip tomorrow. So, no new post on perfectionism, but here are a few older ones I did:

The Practice of Zentangle

Zentangle and the art of shell collecting

And tips on Breaking the perfectionism/procrastination cycle

The Tangle of the day is your choice, but I suggest doing one that is not your favorite or that you tend not to like the results. See if you can change your perception and appreciate what you have done instead of stressing out over if it is perfect.

Here are two tangles that I always stress over: African artist and diva dance.

Which tangles stress you out? If you are recovering perfectionist, has zenTangle helped you?

2 thoughts on “Destress December Day 8

  1. Oh Cris…..this resonates SO deeply with me! I am a stitcher. I sew just about anything you can imagine, up to and including a shoe for an elephant (I’ll tell you the story privately if you wanna hear it 😉). Sewing requires precision to the nth degree most days and I thrive on it. It brings out some of the very best in me. But it also beats me up and drops me at the curb some days. I discovered Zentangle just this last April and I LOVE it! BUT….. I will guiltily admit that I still draw my entire tile in pencil before I will allow myself to go in and ink it. I’m trying to find my big girl panties and have started a tangling journal that I allow myself to use ink…..no graphite allowed! It’s helping but I still have yet to break off the training wheels and just ink it!

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    1. Wow! I used to be a quilter, but even then, I got very good at fixing up my fudging because the accuracy wasn’t there. That’s why I can’t do origami. You need be so accurate. Zentangle has helped me with perfectionism, but I still stress. I am surprised that you do your tangling in pencil first. That never even occurred to me! Of course, I had my first class with Rick and María so perhaps that’s why. I get super frustrated if I try to trace. I suggest you get some Pilot Frixion pens. They are lovely gel ink pens – with an eraser!

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