Destress December Day 10

Last night I taught the class at Illinois Wesleyan University that inspired this series. Thanks to fellow CZT Leslie Maurer from Normal, IL, there are now 20 more young people who have discovered that they are, in fact, artists. And, more importantly, they have a tool to forget about the stress of finals week for a few minutes whenever they choose. My favorite overheard comment was, “Finally, a kind of art I can do.”

Since Rick and Maria are starting their own 12 days of Christmas tomorrow, I’ve decided that this will be the last for my Destress December. I have a few more tips, but they will keep.

Hope you are getting ready for a happy, joyful, and peaceful month.

6 thoughts on “Destress December Day 10

  1. Thanks ever so much for your series Cris. Definitely appreciated 😉 I wish for you the very best of holidays! â„ï¸â˜ƒï¸ğŸŽ„


  2. Which tangle in that group is the one that looks like a star? I recognize all of the tangles except that one and it’s bugging me!


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