Made in the Shade

Want to learn more about shading your tangles? Then pick up a copy of my first book, Made in the Shade: a Zentangle Workbook. It is available at
Amazon  in the US, Europe, and the UK.

If you outside of these areas, please order from CreateSpace directly.  You may use this discount code 3GGG4FMT to get 15% off. (The code is only good at  CreateSpace, not Amazon.)

Your local CZT.  Many Zentangle Teachers offer books. If yours doesn’t, ask her to contact me for wholesale prices.


Here is the Table of Contents, but if you want more information, go to Amazon and use the Look Inside feature.

Title Information

Made in the Shade: a Zentangle Workbook
Authored by Cris Letourneau CZT
List Price: $15.99
8.5″ x 8.5″ (21.59 x 21.59 cm) 
Black & White Bleed on White paper
130 pages
Cris Letourneau, CZT
ISBN-13: 978-0615753225 (Custom)
ISBN-10: 0615753221
BISAC: Art / Techniques / Pen & Ink Drawing

Learn to shade your Zentangle art with confidence and creativity. This workbook is for the intermediate to advanced tangler who wants to learn more about shading. It includes step-by-step instruction with exercises on shading techniques, dozens of ideas for shading 20 official tangles, plus 4 step-by-step shading projects to teach the reader to analyze a tile and use shading to create a focal point, improve contrast, add dimension, and enhance the overall design. Plus, there are instructions for drawing 12 new tangles. Finally, there are 36 tiles, 6 artist trading cards, 3 Zendalas, and 4 pieces of Zentangle-Inspired Art from artists around the world for inspiration and practice.


These are just a few of my favorites. See more on Amazon.

From Sue Z:

I purchased your book in April last year and wrote on your blog then as to how impressed I was. I have been dipping into it between now and then, picking up the tips and instructions. Good books are meant to be re- read over and over, because one picks up something different each time. Just now I was having a coffee break and re-reading your book. It continues to be so impressive! I really wish I had access to a CZT here in Far North Queensland in Australia, so that I could do a course, but as I am also on a pension, even travelling to Tasmania (where there are a couple) is beyond my finances, so I rely on books (like yours) and anything else I can lay my hands on. I LOVE tangling, it has saved my sanity many times and while I have eyes and a hand, I will be tangling until I “drop off the perch” ! Thank you once again for writing it, and so well !

By Sue H:
I have to say that I own just about every Zentangle book that has been published, and there is nothing like this one among them. As a Certified Zentangle Teacher, I often have students ask me questions regarding shading and I will be whole-heartedly recommending this book to all my students in the future. Chris covers many individual tangle patterns and even categorizes them so that patterns not presented in her book can be shaded. There are no rigid rules and she provides alternative choices for shading a variety of tangles. I have not seen any other book covering this topic with specific regards to Zentangle. It is jam-packed with knowledgeable advice and well worth the cost.

By Kelley K:

So, Cris Letourneau (CZT!)’s new book on shading for Zentangle(r)… Made in the Shade… Absolutely love it. Phenomenal.

This is the book we have been waiting for. We who? Well, all those of us that sometimes struggle with shading or are concerned about it. Not only does Cris explain the differences in shading that our eyes and brains understand instinctively but she shows us how to make our fingers understand it too. From the varieties in pencils, shading devices, styles, and so on, she has exercise after exercise in this workbook to help us all learn to shade more effectively.

Her writing is clear and direct, accessible to even “non-art” people, and friendly without being condescending. The book is well-edited and has an entire playground of tangles and tiles to shade from a variety of other Certified Zentangle Teachers and artists. If you want to be comfortable with shading your tiles, this book will take you there.

I am so excited to have this resource both for myself and for my students. Thank you so much, Cris!

10 thoughts on “Made in the Shade

  1. Hi there,
    I am interested in buying your book. Do you have it available as an e-book? Since I live in Israel, it is cheaper for me to buy e-books as there is no additional cost for shipping. 🙂
    Thank you.


  2. Thank you so much for the reply! I am sorry your book is not available in e-book, I will buy it anyway I am sure. For now, I did get Helen Williams’ book and it is fantastic! Can’t wait to read yours as well.


  3. I am actually reading and working with your book. It is soooo great and I am enjoying learning to shade with it. great work! Thank you a lot.

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