Pattern Play: a Zentangle Creativity Booster


From the cover:

Harness and nurture your creativity with Zentangle®.

The practice of Zentangle, a meditative art form, may also help you feel less stressed, increase your confidence, improve your concentration, manage pain better, sleep more soundly, and meditate more deeply.    Like going to the gym, you need to exercise your creativity muscles to build them. Pattern Play will step you through 21 meditative patterns with 126+ variations and 80+ idea starters so you can refine your skills and become the artist you were meant to be.    Written for beginners as well as seasoned tanglers (people who ‘do Zentangle’), Pattern Play will guide you through the process of discovering and developing your own style.


From Kickstarter:

While you can no longer back the book, you can visit our  Kickstartr campaign to see our dorky video and a description of the book.


The first backers have begun to receive our books.  All of the comments have been extremely positive. Here are some of my favorites:

Jakki G:

I am really impressed by the book and the approach you took to teaching about Zentangling. It makes a great deal of sense. There are just too many patterns out there, and you can get swamped by them. I have taken far too much time in trying to chase down all the new tangles and not doing any!

Your idea of taking a basic number of tangles and working out tangleations is brilliant! It offers a huge amount of freedom from the need to amass huge numbers of tangles in one’s repertoire and opens up the mind to really thinking about the tangle in front of you.

Sue C:
It looks like you have another winner! A good quality book on Zentangle, tangelations, new patterns, places to play and practice, etc..!
Cindy W:
I love the book and it is definitely a Zentangle creativity booster I think it will encourage me to think “outside the box”
N. N:
It is not only beautiful but has inspired me to look at some tangles that I thought I didn’t care for. I see now my issue with them is taking them at face value and not looking deeper. Great work you two!
Nancy S:
I received my book and I can not even begin to tell you how pleased I am. There have been so many books published recently that I stopped getting them as they didn’t have much “meat” to them. I LOVE yours and love the fact that you stuck with the real, true concept of Zentangles. It is wonderful.
Mary Jane:

I just bought this book from Amazon… it is how I found you your web site, I just got it in the mail two days ago. I have to say that this is the BEST Zentangle book I have read so far (and I’ve read a lot of them). I honestly think that this book should be the first one that beginners should read when first starting to learn about Zentangle!!!!!! You and Sonya explain the concept of Zentangle the best of anyone I’ve read so far. Your book has inspired me in a way that none of the other books have. I love the other books I’ve bought, but your book is my favorite! I also own your book: “Made in the Shade: a Zentangle Workbook”, which is another fantastic book!! Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom & knowledge of Zentangle through “Pattern Play”, and others.

Reviews from fellow CZTs’ blogs:

Available at:

  • CreateSpace in Canada and worldwide. Use code 3GGG4FMT to get 15% off.
  • Autographed directly from me in my  Etsy shop.
  • Amazon in the US, UK, and Europe. Just search for my name. Use the ‘look inside’ feature to see the table of contents and get a feel for the book. While there you can also read reviews.
  • Your local CZT.  Many Zentangle Teachers offer books. If yours doesn’t, ask her to contact me for wholesale prices.

4 thoughts on “Pattern Play: a Zentangle Creativity Booster

  1. I recommend this book in every class! The tangleations are such an inspiration to me and a great example to new students to think outside the box! When is #2?


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