Exploring Zentangle

This class is similar to Simply Zentangle, but instead of one long class, it is broken down into 3 shorter sessions. This is perfect for busy people and those who don’t like to sit for long (such as younger children.) Many students find this class more relaxing than Simply Zentangle and say that they learn more because they have more time absorb everything and can explore Zentangle between sessions.

You will learn

  • the history, philosophy, and terminology of the Zentangle method
  • how to create beautiful abstract art using a simple, step by step process
  • to focus attention and develop a relaxing, contemplative mindset while drawing
  • the steps for completing 12 or more tangle patterns

This class is for all ages, for anyone who has never taken a class with a CZT. (Under 8 must register with a parent.)

All materials provided.  Optional: a notebook or sketchbook.

Fee: $20 per session plus $10 kit fee the first week or $60 for all 3 weeks (get the kit free!)

Contribute your art!
Actual class art

Comments make me happy. Please let me know what you think.

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