Exploring Zentangle 1

ExploringZentangle1FacebookEventContinue your Zentangle practice with this 3-week series. Each week you will gain a more in-depth understanding of one or more of the Zentangle principles and learn different patterns while continuing to make art in a relaxing and mindful environment. Each class is 1.5 hours long, and you should leave with one complete tile and another that is started for you to finish as “homework.”

Topics include:

  • “String theory”
    Enhance your skills at drawing strings. Learn why strings are important and how the elegance of limits can actually increase your creativity. Confidently drawing strings without worry or planning makes tangling more fun and interesting.
  • “Shady Business”
    Based on my first book, Made in the Shade, this class focus on shading. Learn an easy way to enhance your Zentangle art by adding a bit of pencil. Explore tangles that beg to be shaded and ways to add depth and interest to your art. Leave understanding how and when to shade your tangles and how simple shades of gray can have such a dramatic impact.
  • Living on the Grid 
    Patterns are everywhere, from architecture to clothing to nature. Many of these tangles start with a basic grid, but Zentangle grids are not like ones you may have seen before. Learn why it is hip to be square, how small changes to your grid can make a large impact on the result, and some of my favorite grid tangles.

This class is for all ages. Classes build on each other, but it is not necessary to attend all 3.

Previous Zentangle experience, such as Simply Zentangle is highly recommended, but not required.

Bring a mini Zentangle kit and a sketchbook (optional).