Exploring Zentangle 2

ExploringZentangle2-2Continue your Zentangle practice with this 3-week series. Each week you will gain a explore one or more of the more “high-focus” Zentangle tangles and help develop your “creative muscles”  while continuing to make art in a relaxing and mindful environment. Each class is 1.5 hours long, and you should leave with one complete tile and another that is started for you to finish as “homework.”

Topics include grid tangles, Tripoli, and
paradox. Previous Zengangle experience, such as Simply
Zentangle, recommended but not required. Bring a
mini Zentangle kit and a sketchbook (optional).

Topics include:

  • “A trip to Tripoli” 
     When is a grid a triangle? When it is tripoli! Tripoli is one tangle with infinite possibilities. Learn how to draw it and then stay with us as we go off in many different directions. This is another great tangle for diversifying your Zentangle practice.
  • In the Hollibaugh style
    Hollibaugh is one of the first tangles taught to beginners because it teaches a fundamental lesson in tangling. Learn why this is so important and then learn how to take Hollibaugh to the next level with enhancements, embellishments, and tangos.
  • The Paradox of Paradox  
    Want to know the secret of Paradox? It is one of the most complicated looking tangles, but it is composed entirely of one stroke. Join us while we explore paradox and see just how many different ways you can use this tangle. It is certain to add a big wow factor to your finished tiles.

This class is for all ages. Classes build on each other, but it is not necessary to attend all 3.

Previous Zentangle experience, such as Simply Zentangle, Exploring Zentangle, or Exploring Zentangle 1 is required.

Bring a mini Zentangle kit and a sketchbook (optional).