De-Stress December · Zentangle

De-stress De-cember Day 5

Today, we are still talking about being overwhelmed by too much to do. One way that we get in trouble is by always saying, “yes.” Are you one of those people who volunteer for everything? Do people always ask you for favors and you always say, “sure?” My friend Cathy is like that. I love… Continue reading De-stress De-cember Day 5

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Maria, Mucha, and a New Tangle

Much has happened this week, so please forgive the long post. First, I want to thank you for the support last week. I have another MRI tomorrow, but so far, so good. Thank heavens. On Saturday I was privileged to get together with about 20 CZTs and Maria Thomas at Carole Ohl’s shop in Dayton. The… Continue reading Maria, Mucha, and a New Tangle

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The Practice of Zentangle & Aura Tips

I struggled last week to get back into the practice of Zentangle. So, this weekend, I went back to my comfort tangles: tipple, flux, and opus, using just a black 01 micron and graphite shading. I used a pre-strung Zendala because these are very relaxing to me. As I tangled, I took my time and simply… Continue reading The Practice of Zentangle & Aura Tips