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Maria, Mucha, and a New Tangle

Much has happened this week, so please forgive the long post. First, I want to thank you for the support last week. I have another MRI tomorrow, but so far, so good. Thank heavens. On Saturday I was privileged to get together with about 20 CZTs and Maria Thomas at Carole Ohl’s shop in Dayton. The… Continue reading Maria, Mucha, and a New Tangle


On Overthinking

This week’s Diva Challenge really struck a chord with me. If you haven’t read it, she talks about attitude while tangling. There was a big discussion over on the CZT Facebook group about the difference between tangling for relaxation and tangling to make something pretty, or Zentangle vs. ZIA.  Just like the difference between tangling and doodling, the… Continue reading On Overthinking