A to Z of Zentangle

L is for Limits, Day 12 of the A to Z of Zentangle Challenge #atozchallenge

Border tangle is called lamar by the amazingly talented Margaret Bremner.

Yesterday, I mentioned how portable the Zentangle kit is. Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas, founders of Zentangle, did this intentionally as people would often complain that they did not have space to start a hobby. They would also say they couldn’t start a hobby because it was too expensive.

Or they did not have the talent.

Or they didn’t know where to start.

Or that they never finished anything.

Or that they didn’t understand technology.

Or that they did not have time.

The Zentangle Method (TM) was designed to help people whose thoughts limited their ability to do art. The whole kit, with EVERYTHING you need costs about as much as going out to dinner or one round of golf. The method is a simple ceremony (Day 18) that makes it easy (Day 5) to start, finish, and enjoy making art. The small size means that you can complete each tile quickly (Day 17). The simple tools mean that you can start and stop by just uncapping and capping the pen. You don’t have to clear space, put down a drop cloth, clean brushes, etc. No excuses.

Still think you can’t make art? Watch this story about a man who does not let his actual limits stop him. Seriously, go watch it.

Thought for the day. Are you limiting yourself?

2 thoughts on “L is for Limits, Day 12 of the A to Z of Zentangle Challenge #atozchallenge

    1. Yes and no. The patterns are not new, nor is doodling. What Rick and Maria did is codify the steps so that anyone can do it. To some people, like you, it comes naturally. To others, it does not. Now we have an easy way to share this gift with anyone.


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