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Expand your creativity and focus, relax, and have fun while creating unique art.

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Not all classes are offered currently, but if you see a class you like, call some friends and have a private class!  Currently offered class schedule is on the Class page.

Pure Zentangle Classes

These classes are fun and relaxing, using traditional white tiles with black ink and pencil shading. Create beautiful art that is truly a surprise. Perfect for relaxing and reconnecting with your inner artist. Classes are generally 2-3 hours, include all materials, tools, etc.

  • Simply Zentangle (formerly Zentangle 101)Looking to go from “busy person to artist” in just a few hours?  Then this is the class for you.In just 2-3 hours, you will learn about with the history and philosophy of the Zentangle method. Discover how you can:
    • Create beautiful abstract art pieces using a simple, step by step process;
    • Focus attention and develop a relaxing, meditative practice while drawing; and
    • Break down what might appear to be complex or “impossible” into steps that can easily be mastered.

    This class is for all ages, especially for anyone who has never taken a class with a CZT. (Under 12 must register with a parent.) Regular price is $35/$10 discount for repeat attendees. (Pricing varies for some venues.)

  • Exploring Zentangle
    Learn Zentangle at a more relaxed pace of 1 to 1.5 hours per week over 3 weeks. Perfect for people who don’t have 3 hours at a time or who like to learn at a more relaxed pace.
  • Exploring Zentangle 1
    A 3-week class to gain a more in-depth understanding of the Zentangle principles and different patterns each week.

    • “String theory”
      Enhance your skills at drawing strings. Learn why strings are important and how the elegance of limits can actually increase your creativity. Confidently drawing strings without worry or planning makes tangling more fun and interesting.
    • “Shady Business”
      Based on my first book, Made in the Shade, this class focus on shading. Learn easy way to enhance your Zentangle art by adding a bit of pencil. Explore tangles that beg to be shaded and ways to add depth and interest to your art. Leave understanding how and when to shade your tangles and how a simple shades of gray can have such a dramatic impact. (Beginner class or experience highly recommended.)
    • Living on the Grid 
      Patterns are everywhere, from architecture to clothing to nature. Many of these tangles start with a basic grid, but Zentangle grids are not like ones you may have seen before. Learn why it is hip to be square, how small changes to your grid can make a large impact in the result, and some of my favorite grid tangles.
  • Exploring Zentangle 2
  • A 3-week class concentrating on a different “high-focus” each week.
    • “A trip to Tripoli” 
       When is a grid a triangle? When it is tripoli! Tripoli is one tangle with infinite possibilities. Learn how to draw it and then stay with us as we go off in many different directions. This is another great tangle for diversifying your Zentangle practice.
    • In the Hollibaugh style
      Hollibaugh is one of the first tangles taught to beginners because it teaches a fundamental lesson in tangling. Learn why this is so important and then learn how to take Hollibaugh to the next level with enhancements, embellishments, and tangos.
    • The Paradox of Paradox  
      Want to know the secret of Paradox? It is one of the most complicated looking tangles, but it is composed entirely of one stroke. Join us while we explore paradox and see just how many different ways you can use this tangle. It is certain to add a big wow factor to your finished tiles.
  • Bordering on Beautiful  
    Spend a few hours learning beautiful tangles that create lovely borders. Understand which tangles lend themselves to borders and how to use your string to include any tangle into a border. Be inspired to decorate cards, scrapbook pages, place cards, or your Zentangle tiles.
  • Pattern Play: a Zentangle Creativity BoosterReady to make Zentangle more personal? Based on my latest book, this class will focus on ways to draw familiar patterns in unfamiliar ways. Let your creative juices flow as we explore new and exciting ways to add life and personality to old favorites.

Zentangle Tiles & Techniques

These classes will teach you how to use all of the other beautiful Zentangle tiles: black tiles, Zendalas, and the new Renaissance tiles. Learn to use the special tools for each type of tile and see how lovely the results can be when you take advantage of these special tiles. Simply Zentangle and one or more Pure Zentangle classes recommended.

Zentangle in the Round: Mandala + Zentangle = Zendala

Mandala is a Sanskrit word roughly translating to “circle” and mandalas, a circular art form, have been created in various Eastern traditions for centuries to aid in meditation or as a visual reflection of prayer.

In this class, we take the idea of the mandala and translate it into the non-denominational Zendala – a round artwork that may or may not reflect prayer (depending on your desired approach to it) but will definitely bring beauty and stress-relief into focus.  It is so easy and the results are stunning.

This 4-week class will introduce you to the wonderful world of Zendalas.  Each class is 2.5 hours.

  • Week 1 – In the first week, you’ll be using “pre-strung” Zendala tiles to learn the best way to approach the tangles in the templates. The focus will be on tangle selection and shading.
  • Week 2 – Growing your own Zendala. This week you’ll learn a method to create your own Zendala that is as mindful and relaxing as Zentangle itself. And, of course, you’ll learn some new tangle patterns.
  • Week 3 – Learn “the snowflake method” of creating your own original Zendalas and tips for transferring Zendala templates to your tile.
  • Week 4 – Learn to create Zendalas using templates and found objects.

3Z Friend-Z

Come and play with the newest Zentangle tiles: the triangular 3Z tiles. These tiles are bigger than Bijou, but smaller than the original tiles. To me, they are the perfect size: small enough to complete quickly, but big enough to include multiple tangles to create amazing art. Be amazed at the mosaic that result from the completed pre-strung white 3Zs. This is the perfect class to share with friends since it is all about togetherness.

Tile Coasters

Have you ever had anyone tell you your Zentangle tiles would be perfect coaster? Well, in this class, you can. Instead of paper, you will work on beautiful tumbled marble tiles to create coasters or just durable art. Fee includes all supplies and materials to make 2 coasters. (Additional tiles available for purchase at a nominal cost.)

Zentangle Inspired Art Classes

These classes show you how to use your Zentangle skills in non-traditional ways. These classes focus on adding color or creating projects rather than just tangling on tiles. While more results-oriented than traditional Zentangle, following the Zentangle Method allows even non-artists to create beautiful art.

  • Zendala-ooh-la-la This 4-week class is a follow-on to Zentangle in the Round. Each week, you’ll learn a different technique to enhance your Zendalas.Week 1:  Tangling in color – learn about the meanings of colors in traditional mandalas and then experiment with using colored pens to your tangle your Zendala.Week 2: More tangling in color. I’ll show you how to create a beautiful background for your Zendala using watercolors and salt. When it’s dry, you can then add even more color by tangling in ink or add a bold contrast by using black ink.Week 3: White on black. Learn tips for using white ink on black Zendalas.Week 4: Metallics and more on black
  • Holiday Cards Use the tangle verdigogh to create an Artist Trading Card and insert it into a greeting card that is a lovely greeting and keepsake.
  • Ornamental Stars Learn to create 3-dimensional star ornaments to celebrate the season.
  • Zendala Diptych  Explore the new organic tangle: icanthis as you learn a whole new way to enjoy Zendala tiles – as standalone, standing art.
  • Zengems and Settings  In this 2-part half-day workshop, learn how to draw beautiful gemstone settings on Renaissance tiles using the new tangles: waybop & noom. Then learn how to create beautiful gemstones using colored pencil and inkTense pencils. Combine the two for frame-worthy art. Divided into two sessions. May register for each independently.

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Click the name of the class to see the description and details. Don’t see a date that is convenient? Send me a message to talk about a personal class or one-on-one session.

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