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Purple for Artoo

This week’s Diva challenge is purple and Moebius Syndrome Foundation’s logo as your string in honor of her youngest son who has this disorder. This isn’t the first time I’ve done this challenge, but it is always fun to try and come up with something different. I used the new official tangle Toodles behind the logo, Hollibaugh-style.

Lately, I’ve been using some of the original tangles from Made in the Shade. I tend to forget about them, but some of them are really cool. So here is Pilla in the background, done with a purple Micron PN pen and shaded with a purple colored pencil.

I think it’s a keeper.

If you have Made in the Shade, it is on page 79. If not, here is the stepout – fist time online.


I have started teaching again with a 15-person class at the Chillicothe Library last week and a 10-person beginner class this afternoon at the Upper Arlington Senior Center.

I also had a Zen Friends get together, and one of my students told me, “Zentangle gave me the confidence to do more art. I’ve been talking colored pencil and watercolor classes and probably wouldn’t have done so if it wasn’t for Zentangle.”

I feel so grateful to help 25 people learn the Zentangle Method and hope they all gain the confidence to do more art!

5 thoughts on “Purple for Artoo

  1. Hi Chris, thanks for the reminder about Made in the Shade, It’s been on the shelf too long so I’m going to get it down and have a look. I have a few friends coming round and we’re going to make the Dorian Eng bauble type things and i was wondering what patterns to use. Problem solved! I love the mix of colours you’ve used on the diva tile and, since I haven’t done mine yet, I may even borrow your idea and use Pilla too.

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