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Trying Not to Over-think

This week, I’ve felt trapped in my own thoughts. First, our art journal challenge was to think about our best quality and “let our light shine.” That required days of thinking and also consultation with friends before I could come up with a word. I chose “ingenuity” as it seemed to combine intelligence and creativity. Then I spend days thinking of how I could illustrate that in my journal. I decided to go with my “journey” theme.  Ugh. Not at all what I had in mind, even though I was thrilled to have my watercolors back. I had forgotten them at my mom’s house at Christmas and just got them back last weekend.

See the seams where I had to glue down paper? You  don’t want to see what is underneath! The joys of working in a bound book never cease to amaze.

After looking at all of the beautiful, shiny pages that others shared, I realized that it would have been easier if I had taken the prompt a bit more literally! Too much analysis paralysis. Live and learn and enjoy the process. That is the point of the journal. A friend told me that I was just thinking too hard.

The Diva prompt was  much easier for me. We were to  draw and tangle the symbol of the Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day and use their color, purple, if we wanted.  I didn’t think too hard on this one. Just picked my favorite tangles and started in.

It has been a long time since I shared any of Alexa’s beautiful cakes here, but this one is just too darn cute not to share.  It was soy-free, gluten-free, and completely delicious.

Alexa and the cake she made for Savannah’s birthday.

13 thoughts on “Trying Not to Over-think

  1. Love the Diva Challenge Tile. I like the way the twngles spill over into the darker purple border. What s fantastic cake – and your friend looks nice too 🙂


  2. First, let me say this..your art never ceases to amaze me. I thought the journal page was spot on. May I use that quote, please? I know several peeps who need to see that & I’d love to work it into a pice of art, altered envie, whatever so they will look at it. I already have it hanging in front of me, at my craft desk. It’s a great reminder to just enjoy life, keep it simple & let go of all the crap life hands you. I need to see that reminder every day, believe me.

    Second, your Moebius is amazing! Your choice of tangles is perfect. Well, that wasn’t so surprising, I guess, since you always seem to pick the good ones. Very nicely done, Chris.

    Third, who would dare to eat a piece of that gorgeous cake? I wouldn’t. I would just stand over it and slobber so no one else would eat it. lol!
    Seriously, I would probably decimate that thang & wash it down with a gallon of coffee. Sheer joy! Sigh….

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    1. I would be honored if you would use my quote 🙂 Thank you for all of your kind words and taking the time to comment. It means a lot. The cake was delectable. Amazing that she could do such a great job with a gluten-free cake.


  3. Oh, I can so relate to your dilemma in creating your art journal page. The thing to remember is that it is for you, not really for someone else. Kind of like Zentangle really should be. I think your word is great and yours does not to have to please anyone but you. That being said, it is a really wonderful page as you let your thoughts actually wander away from the word. Perfect, and good for you! The Diva Challenge is lovely in purple. Can you mail me a piece of cake? Yum!!!


    1. Thanks, Jean. Great advice about the art journal. I finally understand the dilemma people face now with posting their Zentangles. They see all of that gorgeousness that people post and then feel like theirs doesn’t measure up. I fall into that trap occasionally, but I know that most people just post their best. Not everyone produces gorgeous pieces every time, but who wants to show off the duds? With the art journal, everyone else in the group posts amazing work, so I am trying to raise my own bar. My mom always says a little healthy competition is good for you. I know that while it can lead to frustration, it is also making my art better. Thanks for commenting. By the way, my nephew polished off the cake – probably 1/4 of it! No one can eat like a 26-year-old guy who just finished a 12-hour shift of physical labor!


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