Pinktober – 1/3 Done

We are 1/3 done with October already, and I’m 1/3 done with Pinktober. Here is my progress since last week plus this week’s Diva challenge. I will admit that I am feeling restrained by my little booklet and just a tad tired of pink, but it is good that I can participate without it taking up a ton of time.

Marasu (day 5), Ponio (Day 6), Rixty (Day 7), and a background of Bales (Day 11)
Twizted (Day 8), Hurry (Day 9), and Flux (Day 10)
Inside flap with more flux

Diva challenge of striping. I never know what to use as a string, but since it was to be a monotangle, I used a quote as the string. Can you tell what it is?

I’ve loved seeing everyone’s challenge pieces on Facebook and Instagram, even though it is really confusing that so many different CZTs came up with their own list.

Happy tangling!

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