More Christmas Tangling

There’s (yet another) new challenge in town: the patter mixer. I like it for several reasons. First, it is only once a month. Because, who has time for another weekly challenge? Second, I love combining patterns. For the initial challenge, we are to use rixty and mooka. For me, that means combining one of my least favorites with one of my most. Luckily, it is OK to just use the two on the same tile, because the thought of actually putting the two together to make a new tangle of both of them just hurts my brain.

So, while watching Miracle on 34th Street last night, I grabbed my sparkle kit (Sakura pens: clear glaze, copper metallic gelly roll, clear stardust, and white gelly roll), a black tile, and two dark scrapbook papers.

Rixty mooka black

Oops. I don’t like Rixty. Forgot how to do it and messed it up. Take 2:

Visions of Sugar PlumsEek! Got so excited about Pepper that I forgot entirely about Rixty! Back to the drawing board:

Mooka tree with Rixty border

A few Mooka trees with a Rixty border. They aren’t exactly ‘mixed,’ but at least they are in the same piece!

I can’t wait to see next month’s challenge. Perhaps I will do a better job with my mixing.


6 thoughts on “More Christmas Tangling

  1. The way you worked yourself around rixty…. I had to smile. And your tile with mooka trees and rixty-border is lovely!


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