More on the Elegance of Limits

In Zentangle, we talk about the elegance of limits. When recovering from surgery, you live that. There was so much was I unable to do for myself the first few days at home.  I was told 2-week recovery, and it’s just over a week, so I’m not there yet. But, I am on my way. Thank you all for your prayers and well-wishes.

I am happy to report that once again I can tangle without falling asleep mid-stroke. I often  joke in my classes that Zentangle is the only meditation I can do without falling asleep. Well, not last week.

Falling asleep while tangling does not lead to good results.
Falling asleep while tangling does not lead to good results.

To avoid this, I tangled using a scratch art kit I had lying around. The family was worried about me having a sharp object, but no accidents. And, when you fall asleep with the stick in your hand, it doesn’t make a mark.
scratch art tangling.

Another limit I found was that once I was lying comfortably, I was not going to move just to get the pen or tile I wanted. I don’t feel up to sharing many of those attempts, including the Zentangle meditation challenge pieces. More falling asleep issues.

But, here are a few of the others I did using this week’s Betweed challenge. LOVE Betweed, but never think about using it. So happy it is part of the Diva challenge this week.

"Random" betweed - before
“Random” betweed – before
“Random” betweed – after
Just a simple betweed. Was told it was done.
Just a simple betweed. Was told it was done.
I couldn't leave well enough alone :-) What was I supposed to do? I was out of tiles?
My daughter says I never leave well enough alone. What was I supposed to do? I was out of tiles?
Large betweed on Renaissance because I was out of white tiles :-)
Large betweed. Done on Renaissance because I had no white at hand.
Several hours later, filled in with flux, and colored using the 'tints on tan' techniques.
Several hours later, filled in with flux, and colored using the ‘tints on tan’ techniques. Sorry no in-process pictures. The phone was in the other room.

Wow! Writing this post took so much energy. I’m off to take a nap. Look for more tiles next week as Zentangle is now my primary ‘pain medecine.’

15 thoughts on “More on the Elegance of Limits

  1. Cris… I hope you are well on your way to recovery… Your gorgeous art definitely hasn’t lost a step, falling asleep or not! Your Betweed tiles are all stunning and elegant! You and your art always inspire me!


  2. For someone only a week post surgery who was falling asleep, you were amazingly productive. The last tile you shared is inspired, elegant and beautiful and the control you achieved on your scratch off tile is quite amazing considering the state you were in. I hope you are feeling better (and more awake) soon. However, it’s best to remember that recovery is no always linear—there are usually good days and bad days (or good parts of days and bad parts of days). If you realize that, it helps keep depression at bay.


  3. Cris, so glad to hear that surgery went well and you’re on your way to recovery! Still more blessings that you’ll be as good as new!!!! Your art pieces look as though you are fully recovered ! Wow! They are beautiful! I want to give that mooka style pattern a try. Will you have step outs? Make sure you get your rest! (((Hugs))) :0)


  4. Amazing that you can produce all those beautiful tiles in the midst of recovery. I fall asleep tangling without being ill, just like those videos you see of babies in high chairs falling asleep face down into their food, I wake up to find myself face down in my tile and horrible pen marks like yours right across the tile. I suppose it proves the zen part of tangling is working


  5. I’m glad you’re on the way back to health, Chris, good luck with your recovery. As always, I’m in awe of the lovely pieces you produce. (But the last one is particularly glorious.)


  6. Please get weller soon! Remember, listen to your body for a good recovery and if it says to fall asleep on your half done tile, then go for it……..thanks for all that you have done with your books to help me learn more!


  7. Oh man Cris, you astound me! These are fabulous explorations of Betweed, and I particularly love the random one with the beautiful rounded edges, and the tints on tan… I would really love to invest in one of those kits … someday…


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