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Maria, Mucha, and a New Tangle

Much has happened this week, so please forgive the long post. First, I want to thank you for the support last week. I have another MRI tomorrow, but so far, so good. Thank heavens.

On Saturday I was privileged to get together with about 20 CZTs and Maria Thomas at Carole Ohl’s shop in Dayton. The Dayton Art Institute is having a special exhibit on Alphonse Mucha, the inspiration behind the tangle Mooka, and one of Maria’s favorite artists. Maria demonstrated her “kissing mookas,” and we all enjoyed the camaraderie and exhibit, but the most inspiration for me was seeing Maria’s completed Zendalas.

Maria demonstrating “kissing mookas.”

Some of Maria’s gorgeous and inspiring art:

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Someday, if I live long enough, I may be in that league. But, I did have fun. Here are the tiles I did there.

My interpretation of kissing mookas.
This started as a spirograph failure upon which I layered white gellyroll, white glaze, and graphite. I then surrounded it with more mooka/opus/fescue with black glaze pen and Zenstone dust.
Maria also demoed noom repus which inspired this tile.

Before I get to the new tangle, here is this week’s Diva challenge.

Starting with a pre-strung tile. If you look really carefully, you can find the challenge tangle hiding among the verdigogh. Once again, I failed to achieve the full potential of this tangle.
Here is the same after shading.

Finally, here is the new tangle. I call it “oofs-a-daisy” since it was supposed to be OOF, but I made and OOPs. I demoed it in Dayton, and it was well-received, so I hope you like it. If you prefer a video, you can check on my Facebook page.


Here is a monotangle using it.

11 thoughts on “Maria, Mucha, and a New Tangle

  1. I really like your Oofs-a-daisy tangle – I only recently discovered Oof and am loving it, and this will be a great extension to that.

    Made me smile to see Maria’s ‘kissing Mooka’ – I found myself drawing them that way about a year ago, I called them my balancing Mooka – it was the only way I could make Mooka elegant in my eyes. I love that we all find our ways to similar places by different paths.

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    1. Thanks. I learned OOF a while ago and keep forgetting about it. Mooka I also learned at my first CZT training in 2010, but I didn’t like it until I was challenged to use it. Then I made myself use it and fell in love with it. I love that Zentangle encourages us to take their tangles and make them our own. Different paths is a great way to think about it.


  2. I thank you for sharing you are, it is beautiful!!
    I can only imagine what it is like to gather with so many talented, and creative & passionate women and to be blessed by Maria’s visit as well!!!
    Peace, Prayers, Blessings &Tangling On!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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