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Esses, Revisited

I first published Esses 3 years ago, in “New tangle Esses” April 2011. I’ve been meaning to redo all of my original tangles to be consistent and make them easier to find, but something more important always seems to come up. But, this week’s Diva challenge is a water theme and esses fits nicely. So, here is my challenge piece:

Essex drop
and here are the step-outs of esses, along with some of Birdie’s pieces featuring esses. (Isn’t she talented?)esses-stepout001

I love Birdie's tangleation in this fun piece.
I love Birdie’s tangleation in this fun piece.
Birdie's Zendala featuring esses and fescue.
Birdie’s Zendala featuring esses and fescue.
Esses from Made in the Shade.
Esses from Made in the Shade.

Have you tried esses? If so, please link below. I love seeing what others have done with my tangles.

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12 thoughts on “Esses, Revisited

  1. love the drop of water and everything that swirls around it. I love Esses and use it quite often – of course, I can’t find any of them right now to show you!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. esses! your water tile. It is how I imagine a sidewalk cafe in Paris would be, during a rainstorm. Elegant and simple. Active yet relaxed. I like it a LOT. Can’t wait to give your esses pattern a spin.


  3. A great new Tangle for me—basically a newbie and a total newbie to the weekly challenge. Like your magnified water drop also. So much to learn.


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