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Destress December Day 9

Yesterday was anti-perfectionism day. Consider this anti-perfectionism day 2. Do any of you stress about finding the perfect gift?

Personally, I love giving and receiving gifts, but I know so many people (especially on Facebook) who are vehemently anti-gift. I enjoy spending time thinking about the people I love and trying to give what they might love or use, especially something they wouldn’t get themselves. Seeing the look on their faces when they open their gifts is priceless.

One way gifting causes stress is if you “keep score.” I do not. I try to find things the recipient will enjoy, but I don’t worry if i spend the same on everyone’s gift, or if I give something that costs more or less than they give me, or even if they get me anything in return. I know people who equate the amount spent with the amount of feelings. Really? If I spend $30 on one brother does that mean I love him less than the other whom I spent $40 on? Of course not.

My parents were always so careful to spend exactly the same amount on each of us because they thought we would get jealous. Really? I think they raised us better than that.

A wise friend told me that our loved ones should know that we love them throughout the year. Giving an expensive gift does not mean we love them more or make them love us more in return.

Show the people you care about how much you love them all through the year. Don’t stress about a finding the perfect because no gift will ever be more than a token of affection and will not meaningfully change another’s feelings.

Consider this

  • Experiences are valued more than things, especially when they can be shared with the recipient.
  • Bigger is not necessarily better. A few thoughtful gifts are psychologically more appealing than one larger one.
  • Choose gifts from your heart: something personal or meaningful that represents your relationship, such as a framed picture.

For More Information

Does shopping leave you exhausted? Here is an interesting Tip from Newsweek

This New York Times article has an interesting perspective on gift giving.

Tangle du Jour

Because I like to personalize each person’s gift, I chose a tangle that is easy to personalize: flux. Whether you do it in María’s gracefully curved style, Rick’s tongues, or your own unique hybrid, flux is a relaxing, flowing gift of a tangle.

Questions of the Day

Do you like gifting? What’s the worst thing you ever received?

Please leave me a comment. (If you are on Facebook and want to share your tangles, please do so on my CZT page.)

2 thoughts on “Destress December Day 9

  1. When I was little my aunt sent me a comb, brush and mirror set. They were very ornate and the brush bristles were so soft they didn’t do good. And at the time I had never used a comb. So I kept the mirror. It wasn’t the worst gift just one I wish I still had because it was from one of my favorite aunts who is no longer with us.
    As for giving, when people visit they always want to see my miniature projects. I listen to see which one they really like and I give it to them. They are surprised and happy! And I am happy.

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